The Real All-Stars

I think just about everyone who voted on this year’s All-Star teams has been frustrated in some way or another. Some guys got snubbed despite having a stellar season in favor of someone having a mediocre season but has that “reputation.”
2009 ASGAs an Atlanta Braves fan my biggest issue is having Brian McCann make the team as a reserve and not a starter in favor of Yadier Molina. McCann is easily having the better season despite spending time on the DL and having horrible eye problems. Molina just happens to be the more popular player so he gets the nod even though he hasn’t been playing as well.

Another issue I have as a Braves fan is the fact that neither Rafael Soriano (1-1, 1.63 ERA, 8 saves) or Mike Gonzalez ( 3-1, 3.20 ERA, 9 saves) got voted in. I try to be as unbiased as possible but dammit at least one of those guys deserves to be in St. Louis. Instead of one of them Ted Lilly (8-6, 3.32 ERA) made the team. I obviously see that his record doesn’t tell the tale of his season but if you want to play that game then Jair Jurrjens (6-7, 2.91) deserves to be there.

Lance BerkmanSomething that puzzles me is why does the National League have 4 first baseman? They have 4 first baseman while only carrying 2 shortstops and 2 third baseman. As for the first baseman I think Lance Berkman is having just as good a season as Ryan Howard. People talk about versatility, Berkman can play the corner outfield positions as well as first base. Did I mention he switch hits? Ryan Howard already as 95 strikeouts. Who wants to see a guy take an 0-2 with 2K in a freaking All-Star game? There are 4 first baseman while someone like Casey Blake is left off the team.

In the American League Dustin Pedroia who is having a solid season is starting over Aaron Hill while Brian Roberts didn’t even make the team. Everyone jumped on the Josh Hamilton band wagon and sent him there, the guy hasn’t even played. Hamilton himself said he didn’t deserve to be there. He made it instead of a guy like Juan Rivera, who is killing the ball this year.

Juan RiveraWhat this all boils down to his the All-Star game is a popularity contest. The average fan knows the most popular players and that’s about it. The most popular players aren’t always the best ones. As long as the All-Star game actually “counts” the leagues need to be presenting the best team possible. Something interesting, the National League has 2 more teams than the American League which means they have to have a representative from 2 more teams.

If MLB wants this game to actually count then I want the players making the decisions. No one knows the players like the players so it’s only right. If they want the fans to get involved then make the game count for nothing or give them power over the reserves at most.

Over and out,



  1. orangebirds

    Great post, absolutely spot on 100%. fans know that it is a popularity contest, not who is the best of the best. I was severly disapointed that Brian Roberts wasn’t even close to the leader (Pedroia) in the voting! wat the heck? i agree that Wieters is going to be on the same path as Mauer and McCann, and he will be successful. I also hope to see other young skilled catchers, but one that I have my eye on is Bryce Harper. Watch out! Please comment again! 🙂

  2. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    That is very true. I was thinking the same thing even as I am a Sox fan, that if the All Star game is going to decide home field advantage for the world series, let’s get players who are going to win the game! I also find it interesting that sometimes there are few players on the All Star teams that actually end up making it to the october classic. It’s kind of wierd that that rule is still in place, I am against the All Star game deciding homefield advantage. Very nice post, and I agree entirely on your point about J. Hamilton.

  3. Jane Heller

    I agree that it’s a popularity contest and that deserving players will always get snubbed in favor of the ones the average fan has heard of. But if you give the voting entirely to the players, does that really solve the problem? They probably have guys they like and don’t like and may not be as unbiased as you think. Dunno. Interesting dilemma.

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