Gotta love Hanson

The player, not the band. That would just be gross. (I can’t believe I actually watched a full minute of that video after linking to it…)

Tommy HansonBack to the real Hanson, Tommy Hanson. This guy has just been a flat out stud for Atlanta. His fastball usually clocks in at around 91-93 but he can crank it up to 97 when he needs to. He brings a knee buckling curveball at around 73 or so. He also likes to mix in an above average slider with a solid changeup. The great thing is he can throw all four pitches for a strike in any count.

From what I can see the best part about Hanson’s game is that he has such great composure so quickly. He looks like a seasoned veteran out on the mound and I feel that is the most important part of his game right now. Of course his stuff is going to be good, but most guys don’t have the mentality to play the game. Hanson has appeared unfazed even when faced with the stacked lineups of Boston and New York.

Against the Red Sox Hanson threw 6 shutout innings allowing just 2 hits. In his previous start he threw 5.1 shutout innings against the Yankees. These are not easy lineups by any means. They are freaking stacked.

Tonight Hanson had a streak of 26 consecutive scoreless innings broken by Adam Dunn‘s 300th home run. (Hanson went 7 innings allowing just the 1 run by the way.) The kid makes one mistake and it has to be against an all or nothing slugger. Regardless, he pitched a fantastic game and got stuck with the no decision when Mike Gonzalez brought the suck.

The only issue I have with Hanson so far is his command. It was much better today against the Nationals but then again, it’s the Nationals. Hanson walked just 1 batter in today’s game which is a huge improvement over recent starts. In 36.0 innings pitched this year Hanson has 18 walks. Hanson has only struck out 23 batters so far but his dominance is shown with his 2.25 ERA. So far Hanson is 4-0 and I think if he continues his dominance he will be an easy choice for Rookie of the Year.

Till next time,



  1. matttan7

    Nice analysis, Tommy Hanson is probably the best rookie pitcher the Atlanta Braves have ever had in a while, great job pointing out that he was not afraid of facing the bigger teams like the Yankees and Red Sox. Now, this might seem like a weird question. Why do you not like the band Hanson?


    I’m just really not a fan. They are one of those bands that appeal to the younger teens. I’m more of a rock and roll/adult alternative kinda guy. I however must say that chorus is really catchy 😦

  3. blahblahblah4

    In 36.0 innings pitched this year Hanson has 18 walks. Hanson has only struck out 23 batters so far but his dominance is shown with his 2.25 ERA.

    I think it is more like his 1.3 K/BB shows his lack of dominance and his 2.25 ERA shows how extremely lucky he has been. I’m guessing his BABIP and Left on Base % are not near league norms and are due to regress.

    Not that I don’t think Hanson is going to be filthy, but he’s not lighting the world on fire… yet.

  4. Jane Heller

    From what I saw when the Yankees were in Atlanta, Hanson had the stuff and the poise on the mound. Very impressive. You’re right – he didn’t seem fazed by the occasion at all, and just kept the hitters off balance. He’ll be fun to watch as the season goes on.

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